Climbing Tree Stand

All About Climbing Tree Stand

climbing tree stand is one of the most important gears that any hunter should have. Alongside the skills (of course) and other hunting gears (obviously,) tree stands have become a “must-have.” Not only that it secures hunters during their hunting sessions, but it also offers great advantages.

The truth is – the benefits of using a tree stand vary depending on the user. If a hunter utilizes climbing tree stands for a hunting session, then it is probably for having a good vantage point of the area. Although this is basically the base principle of the gear, there are other functions as well that tree stands can offer.

As it happens, these gears are also used by many landowners and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it may be for scouting or birdwatching, or even for security purposes, a climbing tree stand can be used for these purposes.

Climbing Tree Stands Then Vs. Today

As mentioned, not only hunters can use climbing tree stands. In fact, theClimbing Tree Stand gear has been “in use” for decades now for various purposes. But, while these gears have been around for quite some time now, it was shared that hunters used to have it all rough when it comes to tree stands.

The reason being is that the first batch of these stands was huge and bulky enough. Not to mention, they also come with a long ladder, which made it much more inconvenient to bring during hunting trips.

Thankfully, though, hunters and users of the conventional tree stand sought the need to “reinvent” the overall structure and feature of these stands. Hence, a climbing tree stand was created.

As traced back, these hunting gears made every hunting trip so much more efficient and convenient. However, there are still those individuals who find it very “intimidating” and “complicated” to use. Accordingly, may this piece be of an assistance to those who are still having questions about climbing tree stands and their purposes.

Choosing The Right Climbing Tree Stand

There are several kinds and types of climbing tree stands today. As years pass by, hunters have become more inventive and creative with their gears. This resulted in many variations of the tree stands. Some are made out of steel, some are out of wood, and some are even a mixture of the two. Whatever the materials used, though, it depends mainly on the user’s preference.

This is very applicable, especially to those who are long-time hunters already. But, if you are still just starting out yet with this new hobby or activity of yours, then certainly, you are looking for the ones that are currently available on the current market.

When you head toward the nearest market, you will notice that there are generally four common types of a climbing tree stand: fixed, self-climbing, ladder, and tower stands. And all of which have their own respective pros and cons.

Fixed Stands

Fixed stands are considered the most basic type of all. Users and owners can attach this kind to any tall tree. It also features a seat and a platform wherein the user can strap himself or herself in when in use.

Self-Climbing Tree Stands

Self-climbing tree stands are deemed as the most portable and convenient among all types. The reason being is that users can easily carry this type of stand whenever and wherever they go. Normally, it can be carried like a normal backpack.

However, the major downside of this type is that users may take time to set this up properly to a tree. Even so, with the right practice and effort, users can effectively learn how to.

Ladder Stands

Some people see the ladder stands as the conventional and traditional type of climbing tree stands. Although it appears to quite similar to the fixed stand type, the overall structure may appear much more complex.

In most cases, this is very useful and functional when there is more than one hunter who will use the stand.

Tower Stands

Tower stands may seem the commercial type of a climbing tree stand. This is because they are designed to be set up in high places where users can get an advantage of the view. 

With this at hand, it seemingly appears that this is much more beneficial to landowners who want to have tree stands that are great for sceneries, birdwatching, and security purposes.

Choosing The Right Tree

Choosing the right tree where you will strap in or attach your chosen climbing tree stand also matter. This is because the effectiveness and efficiency of the stand will also depend on the tree. So, it is essential that you learn about the basics when choosing the appropriate tree.

Generally, there are a few points that you must understand in this aspect. Here are some of them:

Thick Trees From Bottom To Top

When choosing the right tree for your tree stand, you must keep in mind the thickness of the tree. This is due to the fact that you do not want a tree that will narrow drastically as you reach the top. Accordingly, it is best if you choose a tree that is thick from the bottom to the top. 

Also, you must determine the appropriate height of your attachment. Experts claim that the most appropriate tree in a hunting session will never have the right area alignment. Hence, there might be a need for you to trim a few branches as you climb upwards.

On another note, though, if there is no other option but trees that slims down as you climb up, you may need to adjust your climb to fully complement well with your angle. And this might be very challenging, especially for those who go for bow hunting.

However, you must analyze the whole situation first before climbing up. You must know how and when you will adjust your climbing process before even going up.

Unfortunately, there is no specific gear or gadget that could measure the angles that you would need to compensate for the climbing posture. Based on claims, experiences will be your great teacher along the way. So, the more you climb and the more you use your climbing tree stands, the better you will get to assess the right tree for your activities.

Thick, Rough, and Gnarly Bark

As much as possible, avoid beech trees at all costs. This is due to the fact that these trees tend to be slippery because of the nature and structure of their bark.

On the other hand, thick, rough, gnarly bark will allow you and your tree stand, especially its teeth to dig in deeper. And this will make the attachment much more secure, stable, and secure.

Some of the great trees that are very appropriate for climbing tree stands include oaks and pine trees. Aside from their uniform width, these trees are very tough and rough.

Importance of Using Climbing Tree Stands

The uses of a climbing tree stand are too wide. As stated, this gear is not only for hunters. Although it was primarily designed for hunting activities, several users found the applications far too wide from its original purpose.

For Hunters

In the aspect of hunting, climbing tree stands are very important considering that these gears help hunters to get a much more efficient view of their targets. Aside from the great vantage points, these stands can also help hunters in terms of their stealth. This is because they will not be in the line of sight of their targets. Not to mention, their scent will be far away from their prey, allowing them to work further on their shots.

For Other Users

Landowners can also benefit from the use of climbing tree stands. They can use this gear for security and surveillance purposes. In recent times, many landowners who have acres of property utilize tree stands for this very purpose.

Along with this, other users can also benefit from a climbing tree stand as they can be a great platform to do birdwatching activities. The same is also true for other activities that will be much more effective when done in great heights.

But, among all these benefits and advantages, the most important of all is the safety aspect. It is worth noting that climbing is not entirely a safe activity. Falling from great heights, despite having great skills and knowledge about activity, may result in unfortunate events. 

Thankfully, climbing tree stands can minimize the risks of accidents. And above all of the benefits, this aspect is the most important of all.

Final Thoughts

A climbing tree stand may seem intimidating to use. And any user could attest to this. It may also seem too difficult and complicated to use. These notions may be right, especially for beginners. However, it is worth noting that these stands are made for the purpose of security, safety, and efficiency. Not to mention, convenience. So, if you are having second thoughts on whether to own and use tree stands, then think very carefully.

All in all, though, every climbing tree stand on the market today are made from the best qualities. Brands and manufacturers ensure the qualities of these products since substandard types may result in grave danger, which will not only cause an inconvenience on the users’ end but, to the brands and manufacturers as well.

To learn more about climbing tree stands, this video might help you out: