Best Climbing Tree Stand of 2018

The Best Climbing Tree Stand of 2018

Are you looking for the right climbing tree stand for your hunting needs? If you are, then this post about the best climbing tree stand of 2018 might just help you with this concern.

The truth is – most of the best tree stands in recent times have been the top-rated ones for many years now. So, it is likely that the best ones from previous years are the best ones that you may find today. Nevertheless, this review, in totality, will definitely help you trim down your options when it comes to buying climbing tree stands.

The Market of Climbing Tree Stands In 2018

In 2018, the demand for climbing tree stands has been quite increasing. In Best Climbing Tree Stand of 2018fact, this has been the trend for many years now. This is why the supply on the current market continued to increase as well. And this actually adds to the overall challenge of finding the best climbing tree stand of 2018.

While there is an apparent struggle when searching for the right model, keep in mind that with the right guide and knowledge on tree stands, you will surely find the most applicable for your requirements.

The same is also true for the factors that you need to consider when buying tree stands. Regarding them and attending to these factors properly will help you streamline your options.

The Best Climbing Tree Stand in 2018

We’ve included four of the best climbing tree stand of 2018 in this review post. You can certainly expect to find what you are looking for in this set. So, if you want to have the best model for your hunting needs, continue to read on.

X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand

The X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand is the best climbing tree stand of 2018 for many hunters and tree stand users mainly because of its lightweight structure.

As it happens, it only weighs 18.5 pounds and this already includes the parts and accessories. If the frame alone, it weighs 15.5 pounds. So, many consider this model as the most lightweight climbing tree stand of today.

It is made out of aluminum, yet it remains very durable. Also, it features nylon washers, which makes it very quiet when in use. Accordingly, stealth can be ensured by hunters when using this climbing tree stand.

The platform size is rated at 27 by 20 inches. For its seat size, it is rated at 21 by 16 inches. It can also accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight rating. You can have this for a price that falls under $175.

Summit Viper SD

For many decades now, the Summit Viper SD is one of many hunters’ most favored climbing tree stands. Aside from its brand, the reason why it has become one of today’s best-selling models is because of its overall features and specifications.

In the Viper series of the brand, this is the base design of all the models in the line. It is made out of aluminum, which makes it very lightweight. The weight rating is 20 pounds and it has a total capacity of 300 pounds.

The main features of the Viper SD include all of Summit’s signature functionalities. These are the RapidClimb, SummitLokt, DeadMetal, and QuickDraw. Also, it is very versatile as users can fully adjust the seat and platform depending on the user’s needs.

The dimensions of this tree stand are 18 by 20 inches for the seat size and 20 by 26.5 inches for the platform size. So, users can expect full comfortability when using this model.

For a price that falls below $300, you can already have a Summit climbing tree stand that is already fully-featured. Not to mention, it comes with a 5-year warranty too.

Hawk Kickback LVL Series

The Hawk Kickback LVL treestand may be the best climbing tree stand of 2018 for you. If you want a hunting treestand that gives a “lounge-chair” feel, this Hawk’s new model might be the right one. Thanks to its new Level-Lok platform-Leveling (LVL) technology, comfort and stealth can be ensured during usage.

The construction of this model is made from high-grade steel. So, durability and sturdiness are can be also expected in this tree stand. It is also weather-resistant, which makes it a very strong hunting gear. Plus, it is also powder-coated.

However, since steel is the main material, expect that the weight is a little heavier than most aluminum types. The weight is rated at 27 pounds and it can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight rating.

The dimension of the Hawk Kickback LVL is measured at 21 by 15 by 15 inches for its XXL Contoured MeshComfort seat. This also features the “zero-pressure” feature. As for its Grip-Mesh platform, it measures 24 by 30 inches.

Hawk Kickback LVL Treestand costs a little more than $150. Accordingly, you can also consider this as an affordable and inexpensive unit.

OL’MAN Alumite CTS

The OL’MAN Alumite CTS is also one of the brand’s best-sellers. Next to the Multivision Climbing Tree Stand, this one is highly favored by many hunters and climbing tree stand users today.

It is made out of aluminum. Hence, you can expect this model to be very light. The weight of the overall tree stand is rated at 21 pounds, which is considered to be a very lightweight climbing tree stand on the market. In terms of its weight capacity, can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

Just like any OL’MAN climbing tree stand, the Alumite CTS features all of the brand’s signature functionalities and specifications. So, hunters and tree stand users can expect the brand’s usual comfortability and portability offerings.

For its price, you can purchase this for a rate below $275. It comes with a 1-year warranty, plus the necessary accessories and parts.

Final Thoughts

In totality, searching for the best climbing tree stand of 2018 might be challenging. But, with the right knowledge about the models and brands on the market, your search may be streamlined, which may help you further in finding the best one for you.

Also, the four given climbing tree stands in this post are seen to be the most preferred models on the market today. So, this may help you to have an idea of what most hunters use for their hunting activities.

To learn more about the best climbing tree stands on the market, check this video as it may also help you in your search: