Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand Review


The Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand reminds brings to mind the tree stands for hunting ladder, only that it stands out among the rest due to its pleasing features. Where else do you get shooting rails that can be adjusted? You will also find flip-back armrests, generous platform as well as installed silencers to get rid of metal to metal contacts, something which scares off your hunt when they hear the sound.

The Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand has many great features-more than you would perhaps find in other tree stands for birds or tree stands for deer hunting. It is versatile in design and offers more room on the seat, enabling hunting to go on smoothly.

Searching for a new tree stand climber is always motivated by many factors. If you are a hunter like me, you would want a tree stand climber that is noiseless, comfortable and offers flip-back armrests, flip-back for use on the seat among other must-have features. Remember, you will be spending much of your time on this climber; hence investing in a good one is not in vain. I researched for a replacement for the one I had and have surprising results to share with you.

Spacious tree stand climber

Space defines everything good in a good tree stand climber. If you have used a variety of tree stands for hunting, you will understand what this all about. Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand has room not for one conventional person-you, but an additional one will find space and both of you will effortlessly carry out the hunting.


A good tree stand climber is nothing without offering comfort. This ladder stand comes ready with padded, flip-back armrests together with the seat. This provides comfort that you will require for the long hours you will be carrying out the hunt.

Features and Specifications  

  • The Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Standcomes with safety features such as the D-force expanded metal and adjustable shooting rail. The stable steel tubing is an additional security feature.
  • It has a full body harness for your safety
  • Cam buckle strap Silencers minimize the noise
  • Weight rating of 500 ibs

Customer Reviews and Scores

 The Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand is one ladder stand that you will cherish to use for hunting and enjoy each moment of it.

I found 2 customer reviews at the time I wrote this review. The customers had given it a 3.5 star rating on Amazon out of the maximum 5.

The customer reviews show a balanced view of the tree stand climber. One is a positive one while the other shows that the customer had an issue with it. One reviewer said,’’ Over engineered which limits functionality, too many moving parts. Great big platform is limited by seat supports, shooting rail good only straight ahead.’’.’’

The other one countered this by saying,’’ Wow, what a great stand, economical, comfortable, and easy to set up.’’

This two contrasting views on the same product gives us room to reflect on the positive aspects of the tree stand climber as we prospect for more views.


In summary, I think it is too early to cast the dice on this one, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Big Game Treestands the Prestige Ladder Stand to anyone.