Climbing Sticks

What Are Climbing Sticks?

In every hunting trip, climbing sticks are very helpful and beneficial tools that can make your climbs much easier. Although one can effectively proceed with their hunting activities without climbing a tree, still, having a great set of gear that can make the session much more fun and convenient is much preferable.

Hunting and Climbing Gear

Many people today hunt for fun. It has become a hobby of many individuals, especially men, for several reasons. But, whatever these reasons are, the set of hunting gear needed in every trip remains to be the same.

As time passes by, though, hunting bows and arrows have been added with other tools and equipment for hunting. Items like climbing tree stands and climbing sticks became quite popular as these can help hunters in making the hunt much safer and more convenient.

Today, the market for climbing tree stands continues to increase. With the increasing demand for the said product, it is not surprising why variations of this gear continue to widen. Correspondingly, the use of climbing sticks also became much more apparent.

But, what is a climbing stick?

Climbing Sticks Today

A climbing stick is a great addition to any hunting and climbing gear. Keep Climbing Sticksin mind, though, that climbing trees is not a necessity during your hunting trips.

However, hunters, whether hobbyists or experts, or even beginners, who have experienced the benefits of climbing trees in their respective trips and sessions, know that this is advantageous on their end. Aside from making the hunt much more stealth, it also elicits safety and security. This is why climbing tree stands have become increasingly popular these days.

In the case of climbing sticks, they are tools that complement your tree stands well. In short, if you would not be using tree stands, there is no need for you to use a climbing stick. Even so, a climbing stick is simply a gear that will help you climb a tree effectively, securely, and quickly.

And considering that you have your hunting tools and climbing tree stand with you, a climbing stick will help you reach your desired height without minding the weight of your equipment too much as you climb.

Types of A Climbing Stick

Generally, there are two different types of climbing sticks. First, the conventional type or the Tree Steps. And second, the Tree Sticks, which are deemed to be the much newer type on the market scene.

Tree Steps

Tree steps, as stated, are the conventional and traditional type of a climbing stick. It features the ‘Z’ shape metal steps, which are all screwed in one pole. 

This type is, by far, the “most portable option” on the market. It is also said to be the best climbing stick for you if you want to place your climbing tree stands on a much higher reach or height. However, this type might not be the safest and most secure of all. The reason being is that the metals steps always need inspections as they tend to become loose.

Tree Sticks

On the other hand, tree sticks are much safer and more secure options. This is because it forms a safe ladder that effectively blends and bends with the tree. 

Typically, this type consists of a central metal tube with the steps “protruding” on each side. And these steps can actually be attached to your chosen tree allowing a much secure climbing.

Also, tree sticks come in stacks. So, as you climb, you just stack one set on top of another set to reach your target height of the tree.

Tips On Using Climbing Sticks

Using climbing sticks are very easy. In fact, it is very straightforward equipment for your hunting and climbing sessions. But, even so, there are still a few things that you will need to consider to observe proper and effective usage, safety, and security.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Use natural camouflage for your climbing stick such as vines for better blending. This will help you to show a much more low-profile vibe, especially toward your prey.
  • Assemble your climbing stick and its accessories before you head up and climb. As per actual hunters and climbers, it is best if you do the assembly on the ground and just lean the set against your chosen tree.

    To fasten the straps and clips, you can do this as you climb up.
  • Do not carry all your gear at your back as you climb up using your climbing stick. This will just result in a “disaster” and even an accident on your end. Instead, try using a pulley.
  • Always clean and maintain the climbing sticks for much safer and secure usage. You must grease or oil all of the connections regularly. This will lessen the creaking as you use it for your climb.
  • Practice using the equipment with a friend.
  • Never forget to inspect all parts and accessories before using it.

Is Climbing Stick A Necessity?

As explained above, climbing sticks are not a necessity, especially if you do not plan on using climbing tree stands like the Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand models, or you do not plan on climbing a tree at all during your hunting trip. There is no point in bringing a climbing stick if you are not climbing up on a tree.

Accordingly, the use of such equipment will largely depend on your personal preference. And even if you plan on climbing a tree and using a climbing tree stand for your activities, a climbing stick is not necessary.

But, despite all of these points, having a climbing stick is very beneficial. This is because it will allow you to climb much faster and higher. Also, safety can be effectively observed. Not that climbing tree stands alone is not safe, but, having this tool as a piece of accompanying equipment will minimize the risks of falls and other related accidents.

In the end, though, this will still depend on your preferences.

Now, if you want to learn more about climbing sticks and how to use them properly, this video might help you out: