Climbing Tree Stand Replacement Seat

Climbing Tree Stand Replacement Seat: DIY vs Universal

A climbing tree stand replacement seat is one of the most important items that you need to consider when you have a tree stand. This is the main reason why tree stand brands nowadays also offer replacements parts and accessories in their product lines to be able to cater to customers and consumers when buying tree stand models.

Apparently, a tree stand replacement seat is a separate item that you will need for your climbing tree stand. As the name states, it is a seat intended to replace the standard seats included in the equipment.

In the long run, you will need to replace the original seats of your climbing tree stand due to several reasons. It can be because of the wear and tear after repeatedly using the equipment. Or, it can be also because of the damage the seat incurred in instances that you cannot control.

Whatever the case, though, you will definitely need to replace the seat of your climbing tree stand for better quality and comfort. In addition, this also serves as a form of maintenance.

Climbing Tree Stand Replacement Seat Options Today

There are generally two options for replacing your climbing tree stand seats. One, you have the standard or universal climbing tree stand replacement seat. And two, you can actually do a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) seat as a replacement.

Both of these options have their own pros and cons. While some tree stand users prefer one from the other, there are also those individuals who like to have it the other way around. Nevertheless, these two ways are found to be very effective. And whatever you choose to do for your climbing tree stand, it will mainly depend on your personal preference.

Even so, this post will certainly help you in making your decision toward replacing the seat of your climbing tree stand.

DIY vs Universal Standard Replacement Seats

As mentioned, tree stand brands today have their own replacement parts Climbing Tree Stand Replacement Seatand accessories line for this very purpose. Aside from the need to replace, this product line is also beneficial to people who want to personalize, beautify, and maintain properly their climbing tree stands.

One of the products under this line from the popular tree stand brands today is the universal or standard replacement seat. In short, you can purchase them readily available on the market.

Meanwhile, DIY is, well, self-explanatory. You have to purchase materials and you will be the one to produce the seat that your tree stand will require.

The latter option, of course, entails time, effort, and knowledge about the process. Do not be intimidated, though, as these processes will be tackled later on.

Pros and Drawbacks

The main advantage of utilizing climbing tree stand replacement seat products that are readily available on the current market is that these items are already prepared and designed according to the size of the tree stand. Correspondingly, you will just need to follow certain steps to attach and install the replacement seat on the tree stand, which only takes a few minutes to accomplish. So, it is easy and convenient.

However, it is quite more expensive than doing a DIY. The price may range between $50 up to $75. Also, the design is very limited. Hence, you do not have the freedom to fully customize your climbing tree stand.

On the other hand, doing a DIY replacement seat is very cheap. You will only need a few materials, which will cost you no more than $20. This method also offers enough freedom to fully customize or even personalize your climbing tree stand.

However, the main drawbacks of this method include the fact that it will entail time, effort, and knowledge. While it won’t take days for you to accomplish the process, it will still require you to work on your skills. Also, you have to ensure that what you will be doing should offer the ultimate safety and security that you will need when you use it during your hunting trips.

Replacing Seats Using Standard Sets

To replace the original seat of your climbing tree stand using a universal replacement seat, the only thing that you need to do is to follow the steps and guidelines on how to attach and install it. Usually, the set of directions is already included in the package.

From there, the process will only take a few minutes to finish. Just a few straps and belts to secure in, then you are off to go.

Seat Replacement Using DIY Methods

When you choose to do a DIY replacement seat instead of the standard climbing tree stand replacement seat products, you will need to purchase and have these materials:

  • #36 Nylon netting
  • Cable ties
  • Cutters

These materials will depend on your preferences on how you would want your seat to appear. But, for these specific materials, the outcome will be a comfortable netting, which is quite different from the padded seats that you can purchase as a replacement.

The dimensions of the nylon and cable ties will also vary depending on the size of the tree stand. The same is also true on the ratings of these ties. Typically, DIY-ers utilize ratings that are above 350 pounds. So, safety and security can be ensured.

Aside from the netting using nylon and cable wires, there are also other DIY options that you may utilize. You can make your own padded seats, but this will also involve additional costs. 

The Best Option For You

The best method that you should use when replacing the seat of your climbing tree stand will vary depending on your personal choice. It will be all up to you to decide which methods will be more appropriate and fitting on your end.

It is worth noting, though, that climbing tree stand replacement seat products have been around since then. Even so, DIY replacement seats are becoming more popular today since this is very cost-effective and comfortable as well.

Whatever you choose, in the end, just make sure that it will help you in all aspects of your hunting activities.

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