Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Review

Gorilla Climbing Tree Stand: Where Are They Now?

If you own (or owned) a Gorilla climbing tree stand, then there is a huge chance that you know how popular the brand was during its peak. As it happens, this climbing tree stand brand is one of the top-selling names in the industry.

For many years, several hunters and tree stand users trusted Gorilla Treestands and their products. In fact, the parent company, Eastman Outdoors Inc even used to boast about it. This is because their tree stand line-up easily sold out. And it essentially became the foundation of the Gorilla Treestands.

Eastman Outdoors Inc and Gorilla Climbing Tree Stand Line

Eastman Outdoors Inc was an established company that widely offers archery and hunting accessories. It was said that after several years of competing in the market, they decided to look forward to “categories” that would help them expand their reach. And from there, treestands were said to be the niche that attracted the eyes of their heads.

It was noted that it was the sector where they decided to produce nice and quality products at a very “respectable” price range. The reason being was that, in more than two decades of their harness and belt productions, going into the treestand sector seemed to be the logical step. Hence, the Gorilla climbing tree stand emerged.

Start of Gorilla Treestands

Being experienced hunters in the field, the team assigned for the treestand Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Reviewproduct line already knew what their new line would focus on. These things include comfortable seats, rigid structures, and solid constructions.

While they were said to only start with hang-on stands, the rise of the demand for these stands became much more apparent in one event that they attended. Afterward, the standard Gorilla climbing tree stand models started to come out and reach the public market.

Gorilla and Ol’ Man Treestands Designs

Amid the rise of the brand, it was claimed that Gorilla climbing tree stand models were a huge part of the “push” to include harnesses and safety tethers in each model or unit sold. As it happened, the brand was working closely with Treestand Manufacturers Association, which enabled them to be a “force” in promoting safety, security, and protection among hunters.

After the “push” was made, Gorilla Treestands then reportedly worked all the legal matters in terms of producing climbers under Ol’ Man Treestands. It remains unclear, though, if they merged from that point, or the two brands just utilized one patent for their designs. But, whatever case, it seemingly appeared that they shared patents for their treestand product line.

The Fall of Gorilla Treestands

As mentioned, Gorilla Treestands is now out of business. While there are still some platforms that sell refurbished and pre-loved Gorilla climbing tree stand models, the brand, as well as the parent company, is now nowhere to be found. Even the websites of the company itself are no longer accessible.

It is not clear what pushed them to go out of business. Besides, many actual users cannot believe that they disappeared after obtaining a great market reach. Even so, speculations and controversies emerged amid the disappearance.

One of the most popular speculations shared by some hunters and actual users of Gorilla climbing tree stands is that the brand was sued and faced a lot of charges for something that was out of their control. It was revealed by the supposed insider that one of the brand’s customers, who utilized a climbing tree stand from their product line, had a very serious accident. The blame was largely put on Gorilla’s side and eventually lost the legal battle.

The details of this legal battle remain unclear up until recent times. No one knows what really happened. Nevertheless, this is the most logical thing that could happen as to why the went out of business.

Where Are They Now?

As stated, there are still a few platforms today that offer Gorilla climbing tree stand models. Although they are not brand new units, they are still deemed as good as new.

With the brand’s disappearance a couple of years ago, the information about the name, products, and lines also went the same way. But, even so, many hunters today shared in various forum sites that Gorilla has slimmed down to selling harnesses and other safety accessories for hunting.

Recently, there were reports that Gorilla Treestands celebrated its 10th year in the industry. This was in 2014, which is already six years ago. As per assertions, the brand has decided to “go light” with its product offerings and went with the accessories instead.

However, there is still no official sites and platforms for this new dynamic of the brand. Hence, fans and avid users of the Gorilla climbing tree stand products have been left wondering as to where they are now.

Popular Gorilla Climbing Tree Stand Models

Throughout the brand’s stay in the market, they were able to offer several models of the tree stands and accessories. But, among all the main product line, there are only a few that seemed to stand out the most.

These Gorilla climbing tree stand units are the following:

  • Big Fell Treestand
  • Greyback Stealth
  • Greyback Climber
  • Silverback Magnum HX
  • Silverback Scout HX
  • Kong Expedition HX
  • Kong HX
  • Pro Series King Kong HX
  • Pro Series King Kong Steel
  • King Kong HX
  • King Kong Lounger

The most lightweight among all these products is the Silverback Scout HX as it only weighs 10.5 pounds. The maximum capacity weight that it can accommodate is rated at 275 pounds.

As for the heavy-duty type, Kong Expedition HX and Big Fella are the leading units. The weights are rated at 66 and 59 pounds, respectively, with both having a maximum capacity weight of 300 pounds.

The Greyback Series, however, remains to be the most popular among all.

Final Thoughts

Gorilla Treestands remains to be one of the most outstanding brands that offer quality climbing tree stands. Despite its disappearance from the market and industry, the name has been already instilled in the memories of their past clients and consumers.

Accordingly, this only goes to show how much their products have been loved by their avid customers.

If you want to know more about Gorilla climbing tree stand products and models, this video might help you out: