Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Review

Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Review: Where To Purchase Them?

If you are a hunter or planning to be one, then you have certainly come across Gorilla climbing tree stands. And there is a huge chance that you are looking for a reliable Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand review posts today.

While this may apply to several hunters and tree stand users in recent times, it is worth noting that the brand has already come out of business. Unfortunately, there are no longer active for quite some time now, which also seemingly applies to its parent company.

Even so, this post will still have a quick look at the brand’s Greyback series due to tree stands’ popularity and demand in recent years.

Gorilla Treestands

Before proceeding to the Greyback models, it is important to note that Gorilla Treestands are no longer in the business of selling climbing tree stands and other variations of stands. For many years, the name had been one of the top-selling brands in terms of their climbing tree stands and other hunting accessories.

As recalled, Gorilla started as a brand that offers archery-related equipment accessories. But, given how much the general public love the products, the heads of the company thought that getting into the business involving tree stands was the only logical option.

Correspondingly, success was vert apparent, especially during their peak years. However, due to undisclosed reasons, Gorilla Treestands went out of business and they are now nowhere to be found.

Nevertheless, several hunting enthusiasts and pro hunters are still doing a few businesses on the side involving, especially, the Greyback series of the brand today.

Gorilla Treestand Products

In this Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand review, the products that will Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Reviewbe largely tackled are the ones under the said series. While these models are not entirely or the only reason behind the brand’s success, they are undoubtedly some of the most popular climbing tree stands on the market since their emergence.

Aside from the Greyback series, Gorilla Treestands also offered several product lines and tree stand series batches. Almost all of the models in each series and lines were all highly-rated and widely-acclaimed by hunters and users.

A Quick Look At The Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand Review

In the Greyback series of the Gorilla Treestands’ product offerings, there are only two climbing tree stand models. These are the Greyback Climber and the Greyback Stealth tree stands.

Gorilla Greyback Tree Climber

 The first model in this Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stand review is the Greyback Climber, which is also known as the classic Greyback. It features durable steel construction that also comes with a Traxion non-slip coating on every surface. Accordingly, the safety and stability of the users, as well as the climbing tree stand, can be ensured when in use.

Along with the steel construction, this model from the series has fully adjustable straps. And this makes it much more versatile. Aside from the backpack straps, this climber also has climbing straps and detachable gear bags.

The seat, which measures 18 by 20 inches, is padded and equipped with the innovative G-Force feature. The same also applies to the climbing bar and the upper arms. This is why many users find the Gorilla Greyback Climber a very comfortable tree stand.

While its steel construction makes it very durable and sturdy, the material makes up most of its weight. It is not lightweight given its overall weight of 27 pounds. Even so, this is still considered as light in comparison to other brand’s steel climbing tree stands. Not to mention, it can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight rating.

It is also very quiet when in use. Thanks to the XT-6 Nylon red washers, hunters can effectively expect a full stealth mode on during their hunting activities.

The price of the Gorilla Greyback Climber is rated below $200. It is affordable. In fact, some hunters even claimed that it is already a steal considering all the innovative features and functionalities that it offers.

Gorilla Greyback Stealth HX

The Gorilla Greyback Stealth HX Climbing Tree Stand is the latest addition to the Greyback series.But, after a few years from its emergence, it still remains to be one of the most popular ones and the latest in the line-up.

As the name states, this model is very quiet, which makes it very suitable for extra stealth hunting. Along with the XT-6 Nylon washers, a feature that is present in all climbing tree stand models from the Greyback series, the Stealth HX come with innovative solutions for much quieter usage.

The platform size measures 24 by 30 inches. But, the allocated dimension for the usable space is 19.5 by 33 inches. Hence, it is very spacious that can accommodate large-framed hunters.

As for the seat size, the dimension is 12 by 18 inches. It also features the zero-GTM XPE feature for much quieter usage and effective comfort.

The Gorilla Greyback Stealth HX is a lightweight climbing tree stand. Its weight rating is 21 pounds. As for the weight capacity, it can hold individuals that have a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

In terms of its price, the media rate is not that far from how much the Gorilla Greyback Climber costs on the market. For a price that falls below $200, interested buyers can already own a Gorilla Greyback climbing tree stand. Plus, they can ensure the stealth aspect of every hunting activity.

Buying Gorilla Greyback Climbing Tree Stands

As stated above in this Gorilla Greyback climbing tree stand review, Gorilla Treestands is already out of business. The brand and the parent company’s websites are no longer accessible in recent times. But, interested buyers can still own a Greyback climbing tree stand through other hunters who used to own and use the same models.

As it happens, many Gorilla users have been refurbishing and selling their own units for other hunters today. And it is likely that this is now the only way to purchase and have your own model of Gorilla climbing tree stands.

If you want to learn more about the buying options, as well as other Gorilla Greyback climbing tree stand review posts, this video might help you out: