Viper Climbing Tree Stand Review

An Intensive Viper Climbing Tree Stand Review

This Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand review aims to help individuals who are looking for great tree stand products on the market today. If you are having this kind of concern or having a hard time searching for the most appropriate model for you, this post may come in handy.

The truth is – it is very difficult and challenging to find the best climbing tree stand today. But, with the right considerations and knowledge about tree stand, you will certainly get yours in no time.

The Ultimate Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand Review

Summit Treestands is among the most popular brands on the market today. In fact, several hunters and tree stand users see this as the best one that offers the best models. This is why they are highly favorable and preferred by experts in the industry.

Summit offers a wide range of products. But, in terms of their tree stands, the Viper series is among the top-rated models. And under this series, you will come across several variations as well. So, in this Viper Climbing Tree Stand review, we’ve included three models: Viper SD, Mini Viper SD, and Viper SD Ultra.

The Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

The first model in this Viper Climbing Tree Stand review is the Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand. Among all variations from the series, this is, by far, the most popular tree stand model of the brand for almost two decades now.

The dimension of this tree stand is rated at 18 x 12 inches for its seat size and 20 x 26.5 inches for its platform size. So, it is fairly spacious. As for its weight, it weighs 20 pounds only, which can accommodate up to 300 pounds. It is the most lightweight in the Viper series.

The Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree stand features a suspended foam-padded seat that comes with a backrest. This can be actually adjusted depending on your hunting needs. You can raise the seat for bow hunting or lower it down for gun hunting. Thanks to its full-perimeter frame, the configurations can be easily done.

It is also very quiet to use, which makes your stealth mode much more effective. Comfort can also be obtained as per actual users. However, it is a closed-front climbing stand.

As a Summit Treestands model, the Viper SD comes with the brand’s tip signature features. These include the RapidClimb, QuickDraw, SummitLokt, and Dead Metal sound-deading technology.

For a price that falls under $300, you can already have your Viper SD that also comes with a 5-year warranty. The package includes a full-body fall arrest harness system and all the accompanying accessories required for the climbing tree stand to function properly.

Pros and Cons

Here are the things that users like about the Viper SD:

  • Comfortable to use
  • Versatility due to its configurations
  • Summit’s signature features

The drawbacks of this model:

  • Paint peels off
  • Straps are not of great quality
  • Needs a lot of practice to master using it

The Mini Viper SD

The Summit Mini Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is basically the miniature Viper Climbing Tree Stand Reviewversion of the Viper SD. So, both tree stand models offer the same set of features and functions.

The only difference between the model is the dimension ratings for their seat frame and platform sizes. The same thing also applies to the weight since the mini version is much more lightweight, quite obviously, than the Viper SD.

The ratings are 18 by 12 inches for its seat size, which is just the same as the Viper SD. But, the Mini Viper SD’s seat frame has a dimension rating of 19.75 by 22.5 inches while the Viper SD has 19.75 by 26.5 inches seat frame size.

The platform size is also much smaller. The ratings are 20 by 24.75 inches. As for its weight, it can accommodate up to 300 pounds despite weighing only 18 pounds, which makes it as today’s one of the most lightweight tree stand models on the market.

It also features the brand’s four signature features. So, anything that Viper SD had, this mini version also offers them. Accordingly, users may enjoy the SummitLokt, RapidClimb, DeadMetal, and QuickDraw functions.

Versatility is also apparent since the configurations are just the same.

The price is just within the range of the Viper SD as it also falls below $300. This already includes all the necessary parts and accessories, plus the 5-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

What users like about this product:

  • lightweight
  • versatile tree stand
  • fully-featured

However, the drawbacks may include:

  • ineffective straps
  • unreliable accessories
  • Price does not differ greatly with Viper SD

The SD Ultra

This Viper Climbing Tree Stand review also includes the Summit Viper SD Ultra Tree Stand. While it is not as popular as the Viper SD and Mini Viper SD models, it remains as one of the series’ top models.

Just like its two predecessors, this model comes with all of Summit’s signature features. So, users can largely utilize this model while enjoying the functions of the Dead Metal sound dampening, RapidClimb stirrups, QuickDraw for easier attachments, and SummitLokt for more durable and stable construction.

The dimension ratings are not that far from what Viper SD and Mini Viper SD offer. The seat size is rated at 18 by 12 inches, which is just the same as the two models. However, the platform size is the smallest among the three as it offers a 20 by 28.75-inch rating.

This model is also the heaviest among the three since it weighs 21 pounds. Even so, this weight rating is still considered as a lightweight type. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

So, basically, the dimensions of the structure of the Viper SD Ultra are the only things that make it different from the rest of the series. Users may purchase this for a price below $275. So, it is much less expensive than the two models.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of this model include:

  • Versatile
  • Offers the same set of features
  • Lesser price rating

However, the drawbacks may include:

  • Ineffective straps
  • It does not offer significant differences from the Viper SD and Mini Viper SD

Final Thoughts On The Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand

All in all, this Viper Climbing Tree Stand review rounds up three models from the Viper series. While the differences between the models are not that significant, the sizes may still matter to some users and hunters. And basically, this is what mainly makes each model different.

In the end, though, you will be the only one to know which one is the best model for you. But, if you want to learn more about the Viper series, this video may help: