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All About Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand

Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand products were among the top-selling treestands during the previous decade. In fact, owners of more than a decade now attest that theirs are still intact and functional.

With this at hand, it only goes to show that the brand’s products were of the finest qualities and designs. The only problem now is that it seems like the company has gone away and disappeared.

Despite still being listed as a company in some business sites, the details of the company remains unknown to the public. There is no clear information as to who founded it or when it was established.

The same is also true for the brand’s website and product lines. This is why many fans of the brand are now left in the dark. Whether it is about the company or their products, no one knows.

Are They Out Of Business?

As mentioned, the brand seemingly disappeared from thin air. Even the company’s official website is no longer working. Accordingly, many have concluded that they have already gone out of business. But, for others, they believe that the brand merged with other established tree stand companies.

Many actual and avid consumers of Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand products and kits have been taking their thoughts on various forum sites. In most cases, the majority of the communities agree that the brand can no longer be seen in the current market.

As per some climbing tree stand users, the company was supposed to re-launch the brand in 2008. The reason being is that they reportedly had new owners and a new administrative organization.

However, the year passed by and nothing much was heard about the brand. While some stores still offer their products, it was claimed that they were still fixing things internally.

Unfortunately, more than a decade now has already passed. And no word was still heard from Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand, alongside the whole company as a whole. So, this allowed many people to conclude that they are no longer in business, just like what happened to Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand.

Developing Speculations and Angles

As others may think that Loggy Bayou has already gone out of business, some people think that they still continued with their business but, used another name in order to do so. There are a few individuals who previously shared that the popular Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand products are now similar to the new designs of Muddy. The reason being is that this is the company that was alleged to merge with Loggy Bayou.

On another note, there are those individuals who stated that the brand stole Loggy Bayou’s designs, which pushed them out of business. In fact, these people also claimed that some of the notions and thoughts posted by the others on forum sites must be used by the brand for its battles on the court. It is not clear, though, why such conclusions were made throughout the years that they went “MIA.”

Popular Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand Products

Loggy Bayou Mega Transformer Climber

The appearance of the Loggy Bayou Mega Transformer Climber Tree Stand Climbing Sticksis one of the reasons why this was very popular. In fact, the design itself deemed to be “unmatched.” It is roomy and very comfortable as per actual users.

Not to mention, the affordability of this model is just appropriate for individuals who are considering the cost as their biggest variable to regard when buying a Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand.

The features of this model include hands-free foot stirrups, open front, which is suitable for bow hunting, and the front bar is removable. Also, it comes with the Shur-Lok cable system, detachable backrest, quick-detach seat, and pads for the padded armrest. Users can also “fold-flat” the frame, which makes it very “backpackable.”¬†

The dimension ratings of this tree stand are 10 inches by 17 inches, padded sling seat that is 21 inches in height. As for the foot platform, it is rated at 20 inches by 36 inches the comes with a footrest. The overall weight is 20 pounds with a total weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Loggy Bayou Legend Ultra-Lite Treestand

This Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand model is one of the most lightweight units in its time. But, what made the Legen Ultra-Lite a very popular choice among hunters is that this can be also used as a hang-on stand. So, its versatility is quite on point.

It features a tree-friendly Gator Gripper teeth, which allows it to be more stable and firm even on significant heights. Also, the platform is sleek and countoured. So, the design is of the finest quality as per users. Some of the specifications include the Shur-Lok Cable System, which is a signature patent-pending design by the brand, reversible and removable MEGA seat ratchet strap, and the Ultra Beam platform that provides total security for the users.

The dimensions are 36 inches by 20 inches for its sturdy and light platform and 18 inches by 17 inches for its seat that comes with multiple positions locking pins. As for the weight, it is rated at only 15 pounds with a total capacity of 300 pounds.

Loggy Bayou Predator Lightweight Tree Stand

The Loggy Bayou Predator Lightweight Tree Stand is a very popular model for its ease of use and setup. This is very great for beginners and still fitting for pros and experts. The design and structure are quite simple. It is also very lightweight but, sturdy and stable.

The features of this Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand include the Equalizer Leveling System and the Silent Skin squeak suppression. Also, it is has a thick-padded seat for extra comfort and a spacious foot rest.

The dimensions are 14 inches by 10 inches for the seat. As for its UniGrid Platform, it measures 24 inches by 33 inches. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds despite having a total weight of just 11 pounds.

Final Thoughts

These Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand models are just some of the most “on point” units that the brand used to offer. Unfortunately, no one knows now where consumers and buyers could buy a new one in recent times.

Even so, individuals who were able to purchase from before attested that they are still using theirs today. So, this only goes to show how durable the models are from this brand.

If you want to learn more about Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand products, this video might help: