Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand Review

A Quick Look At The Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand Review

This Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand review aims to help individuals who are finding answers regarding the brand and their products. And if this is your first time to buy a climbing stand, this will certainly help you in making your decisions.

There is no doubt that choosing the best climbing tree stand today can be quite daunting. This is because the number of tree stands available today continues to increase. The same is also true for the brands and manufacturers. Accordingly, you will surely find yourself in the middle of tons of models and variations, not knowing which one to choose.

Lone Wolf Treestands: Background

Lone Wolf Treestands is one of the leading names in the industry of hunting equipment and accessories. In fact, some even consider this as the best among all due to the apparent praise and commendation of the general public toward their products and services.

Lone Wolf, apparently, is not a fairly young company. But, transitions did happen almost two decades ago when the company was sold to new owners. After the transition of the new management, this was when the brand continued to grow its numbers in terms of sales, following, and business in its entirety.

Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stands

In recent times, Lone Wolf offers tens of climbing tree stands. They also Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand Reviewhave several series for this product line. But, for this Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand review, we have only included the top four models that are deemed to be the best on the market today. 

It was previously noted that all Lone Wolf products are made in the United States. Also, all of the company’s staff, from the management to the quality control, are said to be hunters themselves who know how tree stands should work and function in the field.

This is why the heads of the company shared that they take great pride in their staff, especially, since they all together ensure the quality of each part and accessory before the end product arrives on the market. Hence, it is not surprising why Lone Wolf climbing tree stands are deemed to be the best ones today.

A Quick Look At The Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand Review

As mentioned, this Lone Wolf Climbing Tree stand review has included the brand’s top four models of today. And without further ado, here are the tree stands that might please you and fit your requirments:

Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo II

If you are looking for comfort and convenience for your climbing tree stand, Lone Wolf’s Sit and Climb Combo II may provide it to you. It features 2-panel contoured foam seat pad and pivoting sit and climb bar. And these are all factors why users find this model very easy and comfortable to use.

It fits trees that have a diameter rating from 6 to 19 inches. Also, it has a full-size platform with a total size of 30 by 19.5 inches. As for its weight, this model from Lone Wolf is rated at 21 pounds that can accommodate up to 350 pounds.

Interested buyers may purchase this for a price that falls below $375. It already comes with straps, harnesses, and other essential accessories.

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II

In this Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand review, the Hand Climber Combo II is one of the most inexpensive among all the models in this list. For a price that falls under $350, you can already have a fully-featured Lone Wolf climbing tree stand.

It is also very lightweight as it only weighs 17.5 pounds. And just like any other Lone Wolf tree stands, it can accommodate up to 350 pounds.

This tree stand can fit trees that have 6 up to 19 inches of diameter. It also folds down to a 5-inch packed profile, which makes it very easy to bring anywhere with you.

As for its platform size, it features a full-size of 30 by 19.5 inches. Hence, it is very spacious for users.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-On

If price plays a huge role in your buying decisions and you want a Lone Wolf climbing tree stand at a very low price, the Assault II Hang-On might be the best option for you. You will only need to shell out an amount below $225 to have this model for your hunting needs. So, this is, by far, the most inexpensive among the models in this list.

Also, it is the most lightweight of all. It only weighs 11 pounds and can still accommodate up to 350 pounds of weight rating.

The trees that it can fit have a wide range of diameter ratings. From 4 up to 22 inches, the Assault II Hang-On can effectively function.

Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand

The last model in this list for the Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand review is the Wide Flip Top Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand. As per the manufacturer, it is a combination of Lone Wolf’s Sit & Climb and Alpha Hang On stands.

It is very versatile as it can flip-up the seat. The size of this is 14 by 12 inches, which is only enough for users during hunting. Also, it can fit trees with diameter ratings of 9 to 19 inches.

It is also lightweight. It weighs 21 pounds and can accommodate up to 350 pounds. As for the price, it is rated below $450, which already includes all necessary parts and accessories.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lone Wolf climbing tree stands are undoubtedly unparalleled. The quality of their products remains one of the finest in the current market. While many consumers and hunters would largely recommend this brand when buying climbing tree stands, it is worth noting that Lone Wolf models have very expensive prices.

It is understandable, though, given that the features and functions, as well as the durability and sturdiness of the models, are truly on point. Accordingly, this is the main reason why most hunters would consider Lone Wolf climbing tree stands as investments.

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