treewalker climbing tree stand review

Looking Back: A TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand Review

For several decades, TreeWalker Treestands had been one of the most popular names in the industry of treestands. And this TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand review aims to give you an idea about how the company reached its peak and how it all went down many years ago.

Also, this post will include the thoughts and speculations about their movements in recent years. This will be further expanded up to the current market of the brands and where interested buyers could get them today.

So, if you are one of those individuals who are still very much into TreeWalker Treestands, then this post is for you.

TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stands

TreeWalker Treestands is a brand that is highly favored by many hunters and tree stand users since its emergence to the market. Some people even consider it as much more popular and favorable than Summit Treestands and OL’MAN Tree Stands during its peak.

While the brand’s tree stand models were limited, in fact, they only offer five different models, they were able to make a name for several years. Thanks to the fine qualities of their tree stands, many truly love their products.

Also, another factor why they reached the top place in the industry was due to their effective warranty terms. As it happens, they offer a lifetime warranty for each of their products, whether it may be a tree stand or an accessory.

The Fall of TreeWalker Treestands

As mentioned, this TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand review aims to disseminate information as to what happened to TreeWalker. It is worth noting that the company is no longer in the field. Sadly, they went out of the business almost two decades ago.

It was not stated, however, why they chose to close the company. Besides, they are at the peak of expanding the company for more products. So, it remains unknown to the general public why TreeWalker walked out of the industry for good.

Speculations Over The Business Fallout

TreeWalker Treestands announced that they will no longer be in the treewalker climbing tree stand reviewbusiness on their official website. They largely thanked their loyal customers for the continued patronage of their product offerings, including all the parts and accessories.

Even so, they never mentioned why they discontinued the manufacturing and production of their popular tree stands. It is only in recent years when many avid fans and customers shared the apparent speculations and theories about the company.

Based on assertions, several individuals alleged that the owner of the company got very sick and ill. While their family ran the business for many years, it was said that the kids of the patriarch did not want to manage the business. So, it ended up closing its tree stand line.

Since then, this has become the most popular speculation and theory as to why TreeWalker Treestand is no longer offering climbing tree stands.

A Quick TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand Review

Several TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand review posts today seemingly focused on one or two climbing tree stands only from the brand. But, it is worth recalling that the brand offered a total of five models for this line.

ProMag Tree Stand

The ProMag Treestand is the most basic model in this TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand review. It weighs 19 pounds with a range of 6 to 26 inches for its tree size.

It features a stand for both bow hunting and gun hunting. So, it’s versatile. The platform size is rated at 20 by 35 inches. As for the seat frame, it offers 22 by 36 inches.

The price is rated below $400, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

ProMag LT Tree Stand

If you want a much lighter model but still offers the same features as the ProMag Tree Stand, then the ProMag LT is the ideal option. It has the same platform size, 20 by 35 inches, and 22 by 36 inches for its seat frame.

The weight limit is also the same as it is rated at 350 pounds. But, it is a pound lighter than its predecessor. It weighs 18 pounds.

As for the price, it is rated below $375, which also comes with a lifetime warranty.

ProMag SL Tree Stand

The ProMag and ProMag LT have a much lighter version, and this is the ProMag SL or the Super Light. It offers the same features as the two tree stand models. The only difference is that it only weighs 17 pounds.

In the market of climbing tree stands, this is already considered the most lightweight of all. As for its capacity, it can accommodate up to 350 pounds as well.

The cost is rated below $375, which is just a little cheaper than the LT model.

ProMag XL Tree Stand

The ProMag XL Treestand is the most popular model among all the treestand that the company offered. In fact, this one is included in various TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand review posts and guides as many people deemed it as one of their best units.

The dimensions are rated at 20 by 35 inches for its platform size and 22 by 34 inches for its seat size. It weighs 19 pounds, which can accommodate up to 350 pounds. It features a removable front bar, so it can be an open-ended seat.

The price of the XL model is rated below $400, but a little pricier than the ProMag Tree Stand.

ProMag XLT Tree Stand

The ProMag XLT Tree Stand is just the lighter version of the popular XL model. The tree size range is just the same as the XL as it can reach from 6 inches up to 26 inches. The platform and seat frame sizes are also the same. It also features the same versatility as the bar can be removed for seat climbing.

The only difference is that it only weighs 18 pounds, which is just a pound lighter than the XL Tree Stand. As for its price, it is rated a little lower than its predecessors, which is below $400.

Final Thoughts About TreeWalker Climbing Tree Stand

TreeWalker climbing tree stands are indeed very popular until today. However, the company is already out of business. So, interested buyers can no longer purchase brand new models.

Even so, some may be able to purchase from other TreeWalker Treestand owners. And this is seemingly the only way for new and interested buyers to be able to have their own TreeWalker model.

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