Millennium Hang on Treestand Plus 2 Receivers Review


Millennium Hang on Treestand Plus 2 Receivers is an excellent tree stand climber, so if you enjoy using the tree stands for millennium hunting hang on, you will possibly like this one with a good measure. It has many great features that you will not find in most climbing tree stands for hunting.

As an old hunter, I have sampled tree stands for birds, tree stands for deer hunting among other models of tree stand climbers with mixed results. I needed one that would offer me the best hunting experience and after a long search, I landed on Millennium Hang on Treestand Plus 2   and have never looked back. I would like to share with you my findings.

Mount receivers

 Millennium Hang on Treestands Plus 2 comes with 2 mount receivers for the tree stand. This makes it a most viable tree stand climber when you want to enhance your hunting experience.

One thing about the receivers is that you need to be able to hoist them and take them down with ease. They should also be easy to set up within the shortest time possible. Millennium Hang on Treestnad Plus 2 has a mount receivers that can quickly be set up and brought down when you to shift from one tree to another.

Light weight and spacious

Millennium Hang on Treestands Plus 2   is made of aluminum, a metal that is known for its lightness. At only 14.5lbs, this makes it quite a light weight ladder stand so that you can move with it with ease.

As for the seat space, it is ample enough for ease of hunting, allowing a generous space for two. This makes it a reliable hunting companion.

Features and Specifications  

  •  Millennium Hang on Treestands Plus 2   is by design very quiet, hence your hunting will not be interrupted by noise.
  • Flexible seat which folds into a flat position to allow ease of packing.
  • Has a sturdy harness weighing 14 lbs
  • Coat finish is long lasting, hence no rusting will occur, and neither will it dull with passage of time.
  • Ease of set-up

Customer Reviews and Scores

 Millennium Hang on Treestands Plus 2 is a versatile tree stand climber among other climbing tree stands for hunting. It can be used for any kind of hunting so, I’m sure you will enjoy trying it out on various trees when out hunting.

I found 17 customer reviews at the time of writing this review; the reviewers giving this tree stand climber a generous 4.9 out of the total 5 star rating on Amazon.

On the average, the customer reviews were positive, except one reviewer who had a complaint. The customer said,’’ Crossbow hunt, my only complaint is there isn’t much foot room on this, makes for a tight sit’’

However, the reviewer still goes ahead to say something positive about it, thus,’’ but, still worth the money, very comfortable and the place I bought it from had real good customer service’’.


To summarize this review, I highly recommend Millennium Hang on Treestands Plus 2   on the strength of the features outlined here.