Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet Review


Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet comes across a complete hunting package that you will ever need for your hunting needs. There are many features in this tree stand climber that you will not find in other tree stands for hunting ladder.

As cross bow hunter, I needed outstanding features that would enable me to carry out hunting with peace of mind. I had previously used tree stands for birds and tree stand for hunting deer, but none seemed to come close to what I experienced with this tree climber.

High-tech seats

Hunting has never been so comfortable, thanks to the adjustable shooting rails and the folding seats that come equipped with this tree climber. It does not matter that you are using a bow or a gun; you will be able to make long shots even when standing on the seat. The fact that you can fold up Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet to create space or adjust the height is a commendable feature.

The foot rests can also be folded and adjusted to accommodate your legs when standing or sitting. What this means, ideally is that you can hunt for hours without getting tired as opposed to the conventional tree stands for hunting which tire you in only a few minutes of hunting expedition.

Rigid ladder

If there is one thing that needs to be sturdy, it is the ladder. This is because you are constantly using it, hence the need to be strong. The ladder is double rail for maximum strength. The ladder also lines up easily and cuts the desired angles through its sleeves.

The fact that the armrests are padded together with the shooting rail is a plus. The stabilizing strap is quite essential for ensuring that the ladder stays firm.

Features and Specifications 

  • The Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet has a long ladder for climbing tall trees for better view of the hunting field at 21 feet.
  • The platform comes in doubles, twice the conventional platform that you find in the tree stands for hunting.
  • Sturdy double rigid ladder that is firm without the need for a brace.
  • Steel body construction for guaranteed strength and durability.
  • Seat can fold up with ease. The tree stand climber also makes for easy set up.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet is arguably one of the best tree stand climbers of its model. Based on my findings, it is a versatile tree climber that you will be able to use in more than one way.

 I came across 17 customer reviews at the time I wrote this review. The 4.5 out of 5 star rating at the Amazon was satisfying to say the least.

All the customer reviews were positive, with none pointing to any defect in the design or function of the tree climber. One reviewer said,’’ Easy to put together and you could sit all day. Well made and the adjustable shooting rail is a big plus.’’ Another one said,’’ These are absolutely the best ladders stands I’ve used. Very solid and super comfortable for those long waits, I have two of these.’’


In summary, the Millennium L-110 Single Ladder Tree Stand, 21-Feet has demonstrated that it can be relied on, if the reviews are anything to go by. I highly recommend it.