Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand, 24 x 37-Inch


The Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Stand, 24 x 37-Inch defines class and exquisite comfort when you put it side by side with other tree stands for hunting. You won’t find among tree stands for hunting one that easily accommodates durability, quality finish, ease of setting up among other admirable features that we shall look at.

I set out to research for a better tree stand climber that would among other things allow for levelling of seat and platform. My findings were impressive to say the least.

Light and portable

A good tree stand climber should be light in weight just like any other climbing tree stands for hunting light weight. This is one is light, weighing only 19 pounds. Contrary to the belief that a light weight tree stand climber could be risky, the opposite is true. It has been made lighter without compromising its strength in any way.

The fact that it has an adjustable seat makes it possible to level it in any kind of tree without posing risk to you. There are some trees which could be leaning or located in a difficult to reach position. Once it is adjusted, it allows the tree to be in a more stable, straight position.


One outstanding feature of the Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Stand, 24 x 37-Inch is that it has several pre-set options that allow it to be set in different locations easily.So, if you are the kind of hunter who enjoys shifting hunting locations on short notice, this is the tree stand climber that will help you quickly change location and set up the climber elsewhere.

Features and Specifications  

  • The Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Stand, 24 x 37-Inch comes with lock-on stand and easily transported from one hunting location to another.
  • The adjustable seat allows one to set it up on tree without worrying about falling thanks to its tree-angle adjustment characteristic.
  • Pre-set capability allows changing location quick and easy due to the flexibility of setting it up.
  • It makes less noise when setting it up-in fact extremely quiet so that you can be able to concentrate on the hunt without distraction.
  • Enhanced hunting features such as the cam Lock receiver which can be set up in different locations to improve your hunting experience.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Stand, 24 x 37-Inch is an indispensable tree stand climber due to its multiple functions. It makes hunting such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. You will find it easy to work, thanks to its advanced safety and hunting features.

I found 22 customer reviews by the time I sat to write this review. The reviewers generously awarded it 4.5 out 5 star rating.

Generally speaking, the reviews were positive with no issues raised. One reviewer said,’’ This stand is very comfortable – it is big, has a huge platform and hangs easily. It feels very sturdy even when the wind is whipping the tree around. I am very happy with the purchase.’’


In summary, The Millennium M-150 Monster Hang-On Stand, 24 x 37-Inch seems to be everyone’s choice, receiving positive reviews at every turn. I therefore highly recommend it.