Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber Review


The Ol man Muilti Vision Steel Tree Climber is one of the best tree stands for hunting climber that you will find in the market. Are you into bird watching as well? This is also the one to go among the tree stands for birds that I have sampled in the recent past and I’m sure being a bird watcher like me, you will experience  what I experienced when I first usedOl Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber .

The tree stand climber I was relying on was a letdown in many aspects. It had a limited seat width of less than 21″(which is what I needed for comfortable seating), small standing platform and low weight capacity (I needed one that could accommodate my 300 pound weight). I set out to research for tree stands for birds and came across this particular one. I liked it so much and opted to share with you these findings.

TMA certification for safety

A good tree climber needs to provide you with a guarantee with safety and peace of mind. You will find that climbing tree stands for hunting have to be certified as safe and secure. The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber has met the TMA   stands for safety, whether you are looking for tree stands for birds, or tree stands for deer hunting.

This certification is an industrial standard so that features like the Multi vision is designed to allow for the use of bow hunters and gun. As for the tree stands for hunting climber, this is actually the quietest among those available in the market

Room and comfort

The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber has adequate room and provides extra comfort owing to its pivoting. It also has a bar that allows for dual purpose: rifle hunting allowance as well as a foot rest.

Features and Specifications  

  • The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber comes with a steel construction weighing 29 pounds. The climbing tree stands for hunting light weight should be within the 40 pound bracket that this tree climber falls.
  • Safety instructions for safety are availed in the form of DVD.
  • A 5 point Safety harness for the whole body.
  • Seat width of Seat of 21″ with a standing platform covering 18″ x 32”.
  • Weight capacity for persons weighing up to 300 pounds.
  • Gun and foot rest bar.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber is a quite a versatile  tree stand climber of all tree stands for millennium hunting hang on that I  know of. You will therefore find quite adaptable to your hunting needs.

I found 29 customer reviews at the time I settled down to write this review. Customers had given this steel tree climber 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

Most of the customer reviews were positive, save for a few issues that were raised. One reviewer said,’’ The harness that came with it is not very good’’

It’s not all gloom as the positive reviews abound. One reviewer said,’’ The design the Ol’ Man “chair” section is really the best design on the market’’ and also,’’ I would recommend this to a friend’’


In summary, the Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber is suitable for use in by hunters and bird watchers due to its enhanced features. I highly recommend it.