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OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stand Review: Is It Worth It?

Looking for a great climbing tree stand may be a challenge. But, this OL’MAN climbing tree stand review might help you with your search. While this only focuses on the top models from OL’MAN Outdoors, this may still assist you in finding the best one among the rest.

It is not surprising that any consumer or interested buyer would find it hard to choose the most appropriate and suitable climbing tree stands for them. With the number of options in recent times, it can be truly tricky to choose one. Besides, there are tons of great climbing tree stands from various brands and manufacturers.

Nevertheless, this review post will have a run-down for OL’MAN’s top-rated climbing tree stands today.

OL’MAN Outdoors

OL’MAN is a brand under Millenium Outdoors. Its product lines largely center on hunting gear and equipment, as well as parts and accessories.

Despite the wide and aggressive competition in recent times, OL’MAN is one of the leading names in the hunting equipment industry. Thanks to its quality products, especially its tree stands, they have become one of today’s most trusted names.

As per OL’MAN’s marketing notes, every product that they currently offer is made according to the TSA standards. Correspondingly, safety and security can be ensured with their product offerings.

Also, the company believes in the ideology of products catered to “result-driven hunters.” In short, they are all made by experienced hunters for other hunters in the world.

OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stands

In this OL’MAN climbing tree stand review, we’ve included the brand’s top three climbing tree stand models. It is worth noting, however, that the company has a very limited range of climbing tree stands.

Even so, OL’MAN’s product lines remain wide as they also offer other types of stands, like the fixed ones and the ladder stands. Therefore, options are still too wide for interested buyers, which makes it much more challenging to find the best one in the current market.

OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stand Review: Are They Worth It?

The three climbing tree stands that we have included are the OL’MAN Multivision, Drone, and Alumalite CTS models.

Multivision Climbing Tree Stand

The first in the list of this OL’MAN climbing tree stand review is theOL'MAN Climbing Tree Stand Review Multivision Climbing Tree Stand. As claimed, this is the brand’s best-seller tree stand model for its classic structure and quality features.

It is also said to be loved by many gun and bow hunters around the globe. Thanks to its overall versatility, users can enjoy this model’s straight bar and reversible gun and foot rest. So, it is like having three tree stands in one setting.

The structure of the Multivision Climbing Tree Stand is mainly steel. Therefore, you can expect an added weight to its overall rating. Nevertheless, the weight is rated at 29 pounds, which can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

It is also made to be “rugged,” which further adds to the durability. Plus, OL’MAN boasts its ultimate silencer since it has been noted to be the quietest climbing tree stand on the market.

For a price that falls below $200, you can already have this model, along with its accessories. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Drone Climbing Tree Stand

The OL’MAN Drone Climbing Tree Stand can be considered to be the least favored model among the brand’s product line. For some reason, it is not as popular as the other tree stand models of the brand.

Even so, the Drone Climbing Tree Stand remains to be one of the finest models on the market. And what makes it very unique from the rest is that it comes with built-in accessories to enhance the overall convenience and functionality of the tree stand.

As it happens, it features accessory holders for the user’s range finder, calls, and other tools or equipment needed for hunting. Also, it has a shooting rail, spacious platform, and foot rest, which then makes it a great option for both gun and bow hunters.

The Drone model is much lighter than the Multivision. It weighs 25 pounds only and it can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight rating.

In addition, it offers great portability since it folds to a 4-inch pack, which makes it very easy to store and bring anywhere with you.

The price is rated below $300, which already includes all necessary accessories and parts. 

Alumalite CTS Climbing Tree Stand

The last OL’MAN model in this OL’MAN climbing tree stand review is the Alumalite CTS Climbing Tree Stand. Next to the classic steel Multivision tree stand, this one is the brand’s best-seller.

Most of the time, people who prefer aluminum structure and design more than steel construction would choose this over the classic Multivision. Keep in mind that aluminum is much lighter than steel. So, the Alumalite weighs much lighter than the Multivision climbing tree stand.

It actually weighs 21 pounds, which can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight rating. And in the world of climbing tree stands, this is already considered to be very light in its weight.

Also, just like the classic models, the Alumalite CTS offers all the signature features of OL’MAN. Accordingly, users can enjoy the ultimate portability, comfortability, and stealth when using this model.

The price of this climbing tree stand is rated below $275. And among the three models in this list, this is, by far, the most fully-featured of them all.

The Verdict: Is It Worth It?

All in all, OL’MAN climbing tree stands are some of the best models on the market today. Given the fine quality, innovative features, and unique construction, it is not surprising why consumers love the brand and its products. Not to mention, they are also very inexpensive in comparison with the other climbing tree stands today.

Therefore, it is safe to say in this OL’MAN climbing tree stand review that your money and your purchase will be worth it when you choose to buy an OL’MAN climbing tree stand. Although some consumers would point out that its warranty period is quite short and limited, the brand remains to be among the favorite picks of many hunters and climbing tree stand users around the globe.

If you want to learn more about OL’MAN, as well as their product offerings today, check this video as this may help you with your concerns: