Use Climbing Tree Stands

Climbing Trees: Proper Ways To Use Climbing Tree Stands

Tree stands have been utilized by many hunters and sportsmen since its first emergence on the public market. While some would not use climbing tree stands in their climbing or hunting sessions, the benefits of using the gear are very advantageous.

Aside from the convenience and efficiency of the item, users also found the gear to be very helpful in their respective activities. But, despite the apparent benefits of climbing tree stands, several individuals are still either “turned off” or intimated to use the gear. For some reason, they find tree stands, in general, very confusing.

Truth to be told, a climbing tree stand may indeed appear complicated to use and to manage. Not only that the gear appears to be difficult to use but, it can also appear to be unsafe.

If you are one of these individuals who find climbing tree stands as unsafe and complicated gears, then you have to right place. This post will help you understand how to properly use climbing tree stands, and some tips that may further help you.

Importance Of Knowing How To Use Climbing Tree Stands

Knowing the proper ways on how to use a climbing tree stand is very essential, especially if you are not yet an expert or if you are a first-timer. Keep in mind that your safety must be your top priority. And in learning the proper ways, you can effectively secure yourself in having a safe hunting trip or session.

While using tree stands can be quite challenging, you will certainly get used to it. But, of course, this will entail time, effort, and experience. Even so, it is worth noting that having a climbing tree stand, which is both reliable and of the highest quality, is an investment – particularly, if you are planning hunting as a long-time hobby.

Pre-Climbing: Things To Do Before You Ascend

Before you ascend, there are two general things that you must do. This is, in some way and somehow, the preparation for your activity. Whether it may be hunting or birdwatching, you must make sure to observe these steps before you climb.

Failure to do so may only result in accidents, which is something you would surely not want to happen. Remember, fail to prepare – prepare to fail.

Also, accidents are inevitable. But, with the right preparations, you can certainly minimize the risks of these things from happening. So, the next you time you go on to your hunting trip, and you plan to use climbing tree stands, these are things that you must do before you climb:

Gear Inspection

The first thing that you need to do is assemble your gear. Normally, Use Climbing Tree Standsclimbing tree stands come in two pieces.

In assembly, you have to tether them together. This will help you keep the gear secure even if one of the pieces falls as you climb. Also, if you don’t do this and one of the pieces falls off, you will be stranded.

After the assembly, inspect your climbing tree stand. As much as possible, check all the necessary aspects of the gear.

Several hunters also recommend for newbies and beginners to check the bottom piece of the gear. Make sure that the stand has a safety strap for your feet. This will allow you to control the piece attached during ascension and descension.

Choosing The Right Tree

Before you could use climbing tree stands in your hunting activity, one of the primary things that you must do is to choose the right tree. Failing to do may cause injuries and other accidents along the way. And the reason behind this is that the strength of attachment between the tree and the gear will also vary on the type of tree that you choose.

Here are some points on how to choose the ideal tree:

  • Choose a tree that has a consistent width
  • Prefer trees that feature gnarly and rough barks
  • Avoid the narrow ones
  • Learn how to adjust angles

Use Climbing Tree Stand: During Ascension

When you use climbing tree stands during your hunting session, you must start by identifying your desired height. You must know how far up you want to go, or how far up you want to attach the tree stand. While you may want to reach a significant height, as much as possible, keep in mind that you do not need to be on top of the tree.

Once you have identified the height, attach the tree strap to the tree while you are at the base. The same is also true for the two pieces of the stand. If you are having difficulties, just try to add more weight to the stand. This will ensure the teeth of the stand to dig deeper.

Next, you must attach the harness to the strap. Once settled, then you can now start climbing. Upon climbing, loosen the tree strap. Place it on top of your head, then tighten it again. Just repeat the process until you reach your target height.

Use Climbing Tree Stand: During Descension

When descending, the process that you did as you climb up will just be the same. Once you are ready, just loosen the tree strap where the harness is attached to. After doing it safely and nicely, move it to a lower position.

Next, you will need to sit on the top piece, so you can move the bottom piece on a much lower position. Just make sure that the gear is secured. Then, simply continue the same process until you reach the base of the tree.

Safety Tips

When learning how to use climbing tree stands, it is important for you to take note that observing safety practices is also a must. Although the gear itself is safe and secured, there are some additional safety practices that you may want to learn.

Some of these include the following:

Proper Inspection

First and foremost, inspection should be the one that you consider among all things. Before you use climbing tree stands, you must ensure the quality and the condition of the gear.

If you fail to inspect and observe the gear itself, you will never know and you can never be sure about your safety as with your tree stand. Accordingly, you must always make it to a point that you will never use the gear without inspecting all aspects of the gear.

Observe Three Points of Contact

For beginners, this tip is very helpful. You must always make sure that you are climbing with three points of yourself attached to the three. This can be a combination of two hands and a foot or one hand and two feet.

Whatever you choose, though, warrant yourself that before making a move in your climb, always be certain that you are attached to the tree in different points.

Step On, Strap In

As you climb up, you may want to follow the “step on, strap in” rule. While not many hunters do this, especially the experts in the field, every beginner should know and understand this.

Once you step on the platform, you must then attach your harness tether. But, be mindful as you will need to do this before you disconnect yourself from the safety line.

When you are able to securely strap in and attach yourself, you can then proceed to the disconnection.

Stay Awake

Getting sleepy and drowsy while on the stand is quite too common for many hunters. This normally happens, especially during deer season. While it is a must for you to stay awake and alert, it is still important that you take rest or a quick nap when you feel you can no longer stay awake. But, of course, you need to climb down using the safety line.

Take a quick nap at the base of your tree. For others, they normally set alarms to wake them up after a while.

Plan Ahead

Planning is very important. This is one of the most important things that you need to do in order for you to secure your safety during the trip.
You have to identify your specific goals for the trip, as well as the important details that you will need in the process.

If you can, it is best if you list down all the things and gears that you will use during the trip, especially during the climb. Along with these items, you may want to set a timetable as well. Through this, you can secure the success of your activity, and so the overall safety.

Final Thoughts

All in all, learning how to use climbing tree stands is just as important as learning the basics of your activities. Whether it may be hunting or other pursuits that will involve the use of tree stands, understanding the steps and the processes is a must.

Aside from allowing you to experience the total convenience, this will also ensure your safety and security. And you will certainly want this as this will effectively minimize the risks of obtaining accidents.

If you want to further widen your knowledge about the best and proper ways to use climbing tree stands, this video will certainly help you: