Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand review

Is Summit Climbing Tree Stand The Best One On Market?

Do you own a Summit climbing tree stand product? If you do, then have you ever wondered if this brand is the best one today on the market? Probably, yes. It is likely the reason why you own one.

But, for the case of the beginners in the field, are Summit Treestand products the best ones on the market? This post might just help you out with this kind of question.

Summit Climbing Tree Stand Today

Summit climbing tree stands are considered to be the most popular ones in the current market. Aside from the fact that many individuals trust the brand for its quality and design, the brand also offers a wide range of tree stands utilized for various purposes.

Along with the main product line of tree stands, Summit Treestands also offers accessories and other parts designed for the purpose of hunting and using tree stands. So, many customers see their store as a “one-stop-shop” for hunting and tree stand needs.

Summit Treestand As A Brand

According to Summit Treestands’ background, the makers and creators of the brand’s products are all hunters. They have been using the tag line, “Engineered by hunters for hunters” for many years now, which enables them to be much more trustworthy.

Considering that the majority of their customers and clients are hunters, knowing that the creators and engineers of their products are hunters allows the brand to become more established. And this is what truly happened after discovering their market in the hunting world.

As per the brand, each Summit climbing tree stand is “carefully engineered” to be silent, secure, comfortable. In fact, the products have been also marketed as ideal models for stealth hunting. It was also noted how “versatile” their tree stands are. From having to offer the most basic climbing tree stands all the way to the “adaptable tripod stands,” their product range is very wide.

All of their products are said to be above the standards set by the Treestands Manufacturers Association. Accordingly, users can expect the finest quality, ensure safety and security, and anticipate a “jaw-dropping” features and specifications in each tree stand. It was then shared that every Summit climbing tree stand comes with a five-year warranty. So, they are said to pro-consumers as well.

Summit Treestands Signature Designs and Features

All of the products in the Summit Tree Stand lineup offer the brand’s Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand reviewsignature designs and features. While some of the models do not feature all of these things, there are still a few that feature these designs all in one.

Today, there are a total of four distinct designs and features that Summit Treestands incorporate into its products:


The SummitLok is the “locked” construction that the brand incorporated into its tree stands. It is a custom-designed extrusion that is said to be locked first, then comes the welding.

Extruded aluminum is the main material used in every weld for “absolute rigidity and strength. This design is also noted as a factor to minimize the stress on the weld.

Dead Metal Sound Deadening

The Dead Metal Sound Deadening technology created by Summit Treestands allows every Summit climbing tree stand to keep the noise down for a much significant stealth hunting. This helps the users to be much more “concealed” in the tree.

RapidClimb Stirrups

The RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups are a feature that is present in all of Summit tree stands. This feature is basically a standard one for their products.

As it appears, the stirrups are all ergonomically shaped to fit any pair of boots. Also, it is adjustable. So, this will provide much more safety and stability to the user of a Summit climbing tree stand.

QuickDraw Cable Retention

The QuickDraw Cable retention is one of the most significant features that Summit Treestands had innovated for their climbing tree stands. It is a system wherein users are enabled to quickly and safely attach the cable. Also, it is noted as the quietest cable attachment among all the designs in the industry of tree stands.

In order to use it, the user must only insert the cable into the QuickDraw bracket of the suspension arm. This should be done after the cable is accurately measured according to the size of the tree diameter. Once inserted, just pull the trigger.

Top Rated Summit Treestands Climbing Tree Stands

Among all the climbing tree stands that Summit Treestands offer, there are three of them that are deemed to be the top-rated models of today. These are the Viper SD, Goliath SD, and Titan SD.

Viper SD

The Viper SD is, by far, the most popular Summit climbing tree stand. With its total weight of 20 pounds that has a capacity of 300 pounds, it is deemed as one of the most lightweight in the brand’s product line.

It features 18 by 12 inches of seat and 20 by 26.5 inches of platform. Also, it comes with a suspended foam-padded seat with backrest. However, it has a closed-front. So, bow hunting is not largely recommended.

Goliath SD

The Goliath SD is a fully-featured Summit climbing tree stand. It has the famous 4-point safety harness, 5-channel aluminum platform, and padded aluminum seat.

As for its features, this model offers all of the signature designs of Summit Treestands. Plus, it is seen as an all-inclusive package for its additional accessories and parts.

The weight of this model is rated at 21 pounds with a total capacity of 350 pounds. The range of tree diameter that it can accommodate is from 8 inches to 20 inches.

Titan SD

The Titan SD is among the most popular models of Summit Treestands. Thanks to its wide aluminum sear and climber frame, safety and security can be much more experienced when in use. The same is also true for its comfortability given that it has suspended foam-padded seat and backrest.

The dimension ratings are 18 by 12 inches for its seat and 21 by 30.75 inches for the platform size. As for its weight, it is rated at 25 pounds with a total capacity of 350 pounds.

Is Summit Treestands The Best?

The fame and popularity of Summit Treestands is not questionable. With the number of people aiming to have one of Summit’s models, there is no doubt that many hunters and tree stand users love the quality and features that they offer. So, in a way, their products are the best.

However, it is also worth noting that, while they may be the best among all for other consumers and users, this brand may still not be the best for you. Keep in mind that the best climbing tree stand for you will depend largely on your preferences and requirements. In the end, you will be the only one who can decide which models and brands are the best fit for you and your needs.

If you want to know more about Summit climbing tree stand models and products, check this video out as this may further help you: