Summit Treestands Crush Series Peak Hang-On Stand


The Summit Treestand Crush Series peak Hang-On Stand literally stands out among climbing tree stands for hunting due to its great features and if you are a hunting enthusiast like me, you will readily savour these features that I found out.

 Tree stands for climbing come with their inherent limitation and my old one was no different. It did not have enough room for hang-on stand which caters for the foot rest.  The arm rests were rough, making it uncomfortable to place the arms for long. It was time to look for a new one that would fulfill my desire for tree stands for millennium hunting hang on. My finding of the Summit Treestand Crush Series peak Hang-On Standwas refreshing and here’s why.

Plenty of foot rest

You know, hunting expeditions could be wearisome especially when you have to spend lots of time in one position especially with tree stands for hunting climber. As a result, pressure may build up on your legs due to long hours that you spend standing. The platform for hang-on stand afforded by the tree stand climber is more than adequate, allowing you to stretch your legs.

The platform is quite large with a comfortable footrest and incorporates use of ladders as you would find with other tree stands for hunting ladder.


The Summit Treestand Crush Series peak Hang-On Stand comes with a specially designed peak and included the arm rest, padded sides for comfort when resting arms among other concealment of unparalleled comfort.

Features and Specifications  

  • Light-weight tree stand, weighing only 35 pounds. This makes it easy to move around with.
  • The crush series hang-on weighs 26ibs and made of steel for maximum strength.
  • The buckles are easily adjustable with quick releases. They are also providing full back rest for climbers.
  • Comes with fully padded back rests to ensure maximum comfort during long hunting hours.
  • Ample foot rest provided by the platform hang-on stand.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Summit Treestand Crush Series peak Hang-On Stand is an excellent tree stand as it offers you safety, comfort and great value for your money. If you are so much into hunting and want that memorable experience, this is the tree stand climber to choose among so many other climbing tree stands for hunting.

I counted up to 3 customer reviews at the time I wrote this review. The tree stand climber had been awarded by reviewers 4.3 out of 5 star ratings on Amazon.

Save for a few issues, the positive reviews were the majority. One reviewer said,’’ little too heavy for me’’.

This seemed to me like an isolated case because the rest poured praise on the tree stand climber. One reviewer said,’’ Exactly what he was looking for’’, yet another,’’ Love this stand.’’…then,’’ Well made.’’ Well, need I say more!


In summary, the verdict is out on the viability of this Summit Treestand Crush Series peak Hang-On Stand. It is indeed well designed for those long hunts. This is a definite recommendation from me.