Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand Review

Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand Review: The Current Market

This Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand review aims to help individuals who are both pros and new to the hunting world. And this is in terms of their knowledge about Tree Lounge. As it happens, many people are still finding a few available models from this brand today.

However, the business is no longer active as they already closed it for good about a decade ago. But, despite their stepping back from the scene and the market of climbing tree stands, it seemingly appears that the brand has left a mark that no other climbing tree stand brand can replace in recent times.

So, this post will help you understand why and what truly happened with the original Tree Lounge.

Tree Lounge Treestands

Back in the 70s and the 80s, a couple named Bob and Margaret Hice started a company, Tree Lounge. And this is out of their love and interest toward outdoor hunting. During this era, the brand was the only popular supplier of climbing tree stands on the market. While there were a few manufacturers who produce tree stands as well in those years, Tree Lounge was the leading name in the industry.

Unfortunately, the Hices ended up selling the company amid the peak of the business. No one knows the reason behind the sale. But, it is likely that the couple are intending to settle given that they were already able to make a mark in the industry of outdoor hunting.


Things became worse for the company after the sale. As it happened, the new owners were revealed to change the standards of the original Tree Lounge climbing tree stand model. Also, they sent the production to China. This apparently changed the overall dynamic of the products.

Based on claims, the versions of the climbing tree stands under the new management were substandard and not in par with the originals. This reportedly led the company to bankruptcy and left the company in so much debt.

Reclaiming and Formally Closing Tree Lounge

After a while, though, the couple, Bob and Margaret Hice took hold of the management and built up the company once more. They “re-introduced” the company, along with its products that came with an elaborate set of accessories intended for hunting activities.

Although they were able to pull through, Bob, who was in charge of the management died. Margaret Hice then continued to push through with the company. But, it ended up officially closing about a decade ago.

Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand Review

In this Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand review, the models that we have decided to look at are the original versions and the latest models of the tree stands. While there is not much difference between these versions in terms of their features and functionalities, actual owners and users attest that the quality dramatically declined.

Original Tree Lounge Tree Stand

Apparently, the old versions of the Tree Lounge climbing tree stand are very Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand Reviewdurable. In fact, even after several decades of usage and storage, owners of these models still commend the product for its ability to withstand the test of times.

Aside from its durability, the original Tree Lounge climbing tree stand can hold on to the trees very deeply. Hence, it does not easily slip. It is secure, safe, and reliable.

Stealth can also be obtained with the use of the original versions. Alongside this feature, hunters who have fears of heights, for some reason, find the Tree Lounge a great tree stand that does help them overcome their fears. This is why many newbies then prefer to utilize the Tree Lounge for their hunting activities.

Newer Tree Lounge Models

When the new owners took over the company, they sent the production to China. This was likely the reason why the quality declined.

Unlike the original models that are durable and sturdy, owners and users of the new versions of the Tree Lounge attested that they are no longer the same tree stands that the brand used to offer. Aside from the immediate wear and tear, the tree stand always slip from the tree, which even caused several incidents that were not safe for the users.

All in all, though, several Tree Lounge climbing tree stand review posts share that both versions are very heavy. And this became the model’s biggest drawback. 

Even so, comfortability is largely emphasized in every Tree Lounge model. Also, they remain to be some of the most inexpensive climbing tree stands on the market, even today.

The Market of Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stands Today

Several Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand review posts today largely talk about the products alone. Unfortunately, the availability of these products and the current market are not usually tackled.

Now, there is no doubt that Tree Lounge tree stands have remained to be some of the best models on the market, not only today but, from the previous decades as well, most especially. But, considering that the company is already out of business, the availability of these items in recent years is now in scarce.

In terms of being limited, this means that there is still an existing market for these tree stands. Fortunately for the interested buyers, it is possible for some to purchase and own a few units in recent times.

Apparently, there are several owners of Tree Lounge tree stands who are now selling their own equipment. Keep in mind that the majority of the public markets today no longer offer these tree stands.

But, thankfully, there are still those hunters, especially those who upgraded to newer units of tree stands and those who are no longer hunting, who are now offering their used and refurbished Tree Lounge products.

So, in short, this is the only way hunters of today could purchase and own a Tree Lounge tree stand today. The same is also true for the accessories of the same models and units.

If you want to further dig in and read other Tree Lounge Climbing Tree Stand review posts, or learn more about these models, this video might help you out: